According to recent researches, early childhood education is very important to build a good foundation in their first childhood years. 


We offer Montessori program for toddlers, starting 19 months age. Our aim is to develop love towards the education process and easy settlement for little ones, so that they feel like home and explore fully.  

The iExplorers Montessori School toddler program are to assist children as they fulfill the basic human tasks of trust, separation, independence, and self-control. The focus is both on curriculum and materials and on helping the toddler respond to the rapid and conflicting changes of this developmental age.

The carefully planned and meticulously prepared class environment beckons the toddler’s strongest desires to make order out of chaos, to move with intention and coordination, and to communicate with others.

In a Montessori toddler environment, the child develops feelings of support, security, and self-esteem. Children are guided toward appropriate behaviors through a non-judgmental atmosphere that offers consistency; children come to understand the balance between freedom and limits. Toddlers need to know that they are safe, both physically and emotionally, and that they are loved for whom they are. The comfort and reassurance of caring adults is never far away.

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The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge